Card Reading


I offer both Oracle and Tarot card readings. Card readings can bring insights to a number of situations in your life, from relationships, career, and/or personal truths. Information from the cards can highlight what Spirit has to tell you.


$ 20 for a 15-minute reading

$ 40 for a 30-minute reading

$ 70 for an hour reading

Phone/Video Readings


Phone readings can be over the phone or Video. The video call would be through Zoom, Skype or Facebook Video. 


 This includes mediumship readings, card readings, and spiritual counseling, 


$ 20 for a 15-minute reading

$ 40 for a 30-minute reading

$ 70 for an hour reading



Mediumship is connecting to your past loved ones, guides, and angels.


You may request readings with only mediumship or a combo reading     (A mix between mediumship and card reading/energy reading.)


$ 40 for a 30-minute reading (mixed reading or just mediumship)

$ 70 for an hour reading (mixed reading or just mediumship)

Reading With Client.jpg
Reiki Session (Energy Healing)
A healing modality based on the practice that the practitioner can channel energy into the client by means of touch(or above the body), to activate the natural healing processes of the client's body and restore physical, emotional well-being, and overall balance.
                                              $ 65 for an hour 

Party Readings/Business Readings

I offer Party readings for any occasion (i.e. birthdays, weddings, etc). As well as Readings for business party's or businesses that would like insight.  

*If interested Email me, and we will discuss prices.*


You can pay through paypal** here or I can take payment over the phone with you though square card reader.

**If you pay through paypal please send me an email through the contact page to set up an appointment. **


 I am not a Doctor or a medical professional.  I can not treat, or cure. I work with energy and balancing the chakras. 
ALL Payments are final. No refunds.