“I first met Dylan at a show in Noblesville.  There were many people displaying a variety of services.  I was drawn to Dylan’s table as he exudes an unassuming kindness.  He has a genuine soft-spoken demeanor and a way of making things very comfortable.  As important as this is, his talent for connecting with spirits is very real.  He was able to connect me with loved ones that have passed and bring the essence of their personality to life.  It literally brought me to tears as he was conveying things they would say in the manner in which they would convey them…full of personality!  I highly recommend you allow Dylan to share his gifts and talents with you.  You will be most grateful you had this time with him.    I would entrust him and his services to my dearest friends and family members!  Thank you, Dylan.  All My Best,  - Laura

"I have received multiple readings from Dylan.  He really takes the time to set up a great environment for the reading and makes the entire process really enjoyable and calming.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone."- Alyssa 

As the host of a popular paranormal podcast, I always envisioned bringing a "psychic" into studio.  Thought it would be entertaining for our listeners.  Problem is, psychics have a bad wrap.  I didn't want to risk bringing in a fake and tarnishing the show.  Dylan came highly recommended.  He is known and travels the circuits. I figured I'd give him a shot.  I can say, we were not disappointed.  Not only is Dylan professional, patient and caring, in our opinion, he is the real deal.  There is no possible way Dylan could have known the things he did about our past loved ones.  Dylan never met us.  We live in different states.  Details Dylan shared went way beyond mere coincidence or targeted guess work.  We think he is truly tapping into "something else".  Not only that, Dylan allowed us to film the entire 4+ hour session for our YouTube channel.  Allowing us to record him for both the podcast and YouTube could have been disastrous for Dylan if he was not what he claimed to be. Most psychics will not allow recording.  The fact that Dylan allowed it speaks volumes about his confidence in his abilities.  I highly recommend Dylan Bell.  Give him a try.  You will NOT be disappointed!  - Jason SOS-Radio

"If I had to grade Dylan I'd have to give him an A++!!! I can't believe how accurate, precise and detailed he was. Best reading I ever had. Gave me closure on

a personal subject and left me with answers instead of questions. Would recommend him to anyone."  


-Joe Erie (Supernatural Occurrence Studies)    

      I went to Dylan for a reading a couple of months ago.  I have never experienced anything this positive before in my life!  I tell people having a reading with him is better than going to a therapist!   Let me explain.   My adult son was in a fatal car accident a year and a half ago.  The pain of losing him is indescribable and more debilitating than EVER.  At this point, I figure what do I have to lose by having a reading?? 

      My son came through.  Dylan said things that were spot on.  He said these things just the way my son would have said them.    I haven’t a doubt in my mind he was with us.   I tell people I haven’t felt this much comfort and peace since my son passed.  (My daughter could hear this is my voice.)  Thanks to Dylan,  I know for certain my son is near and I will be reunited with him. 

      My sister, who took her life  8 months ago, came through.   I know it was her since Dylan described her exactly.   She spoke like she would have while here on earth.   My father, who passed a month before the reading, came through.   I was really surprised since he had passed such a short time ago.

      I even took my 83-year-old mother for a reading.   Her reading was as incredible as mine.  We have been back and will go again.  Dylan, with his amazing gift,  is the real deal!  


Dylan is excellent! I had my first reading ever with Dylan and it was a wonderful experience with accurate and meaningful information. His ability to make you feel comfortable and cared about has been the reason I have returned other readings, both in-person and on the phone. He’s always spot-on and provides insight about relationships and the future that has allowed me to plan and anticipate in a way that has been tremendously helpful. Dylan is my go-to and has always been accommodating in scheduling; particularly when I am working through something and need some additional guidance.