Getting To Know Dylan

Getting to know Dylan Bell

I wanted to write my first blog to share with you a little bit about me and help us get more acquainted with each other. With this being said allow me to introduce myself, My name is Dylan and I am a Psychic Medium. I know what you are thinking... “This guy probably locks himself in a dark room and talks to dead people all day”, or “this Guy must do epic things all day long and slay dragons and cast spells” Sad to say, this is far from the truth. I am just an everyday guy. I like to go to the gym and run. I enjoy music, hanging out with friends, cooking, traveling, learning new things, and meeting people. I enjoy helping people, and investing in people. Matter of fact just by looking at me you would have no idea of the gifts God has blessed me with.

I am clairvoyant and clairaudient; clairvoyant meaning “clear seeing” and clairaudient meaning “clear hearing” . The way it works for me with clairvoyance is I can see things sometime in the physical realm but mostly I see things in my mind’s eye whether my eyes are closed or not. When it comes to clairvoyance for me, it is not like someone is whispering in my ear “maybe it's Maybelline”, it is more of a thought that is projected into my mind out of nowhere. For example, if I’m thinking “hmm… I wonder what is for dinner” then boom out of nowhere I get a thought saying “ask Mrs. Fiddle about her husband”. What I am trying to explain is that I could be thinking of one thing and then something completely different will pop into my mind, whether the information is coming from a past loved one or a spirit guide.

As a Psychic Medium, I stand for only things of Light and Love. I know that my gifts are God given and I go straight to source knowing that there is a higher power. I thank God for the gifts I have and I hope to use them to help people heal. I do believe that God gives us counselors in spirit to help us with our physical experience here on Earth. They can be angles or spirit guides, but we will talk about this later in another blog. I have named my site “Opals Truth” after my spirit guide Opal. She is my wisdom guide as well as my main guide. I ask Her to join me with the Angels of Light and Love, Archangels, and God any time I give a reading or do a Reiki Healing session.

Well, I think this is a good start. If any of you have any questions or would like me to write a blog on a topic please feel free to let me know.I will be more than happy to share my opinion and what I get from spirit. You can either Email me ( or comment in the comment section below on the Blog page. I am looking forward to building a relationship with you all.

Sending Light and Love


Dylan Bell

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Psychic

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