"Thoughts On "Imagination" Part Two"

"Thoughts On "Imagination" Part Two"

I have been thinking about what to write about next as my blog, but oddly enough nothing is coming to me. Spirit keeps leading me back to needing to talk about imagination and give more examples or clarity.

Here is an example I hear all the time. I go to a Psychic Development class to help support one of my dear friends. About every week, she has a new person or two and after the mediation they say something like this: “I closed my eyes and during the meditation I saw the color green, then I hear peace, love, and joy. But I must be crazy or just imagined it.” or “ I saw my grandpa and we had a conversation.”

Oh Man, famous words I hear all the time. “I must have imagined it.” I understand when a person is new to mediation they will have their doubts and second guesses which leads them to say “I must have imagined it.” But here is my point, you didn’t imagine anything. When you mediate you can hear, see, or feel things. You are not imagining them. It is real. You are opening yourself up and allowing, which in return pushes your ego aside. Doing this allows spirit to come through and speak to you or through you to other people.

Isn’t it interesting how when we are in that meditative state, we allow things to play out and we accept it, but then as soon as we are out of the mediation, we start second guessing ourselves and the meditation. This is due to us pushing the ego aside and being open. Spirit comes in, gives us what we are meant to see, hear, or feel to help push us along our path in this life time. As some come out of their meditation, their ego comes back with them and starts asking questions. “What does that mean?” Was that real?” “Did I imagine that” “I’m crazy” the monkey mind comes back full swing.

So how do we keep the ego from coming back that easily when it comes back after mediation? Well I have realized that there is no imagination. It is really about being open. I have also practiced meditation with higher self and talking to higher self. And in a way, staying connected to Spirit and higher self even after I am done with meditation. How do I to this? Well first off meditate, then practice and thirdly set the intention that when you come back from meeting with higher self, guides, spirit or even source that you will still be connected, yet grounded in this plan as well. It is all about intention when it comes to that angle on things folks.

In conclusion I believe there is no Imagination. If there is, it is just a word that we as humans used to label being open to the 6th sense, and psychic abilities.


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