Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards

My Thoughts on the Difference between Tarot and Oracle Cards

I get this question a lot “what the different is between tarot and oracle card?” and like many things, you will have many answer based on how other people perceive the difference. So allow me to share my thoughts on this topic.

I would like to start with tarot. Most anyone raised in the church (such as myself) has been taught that tarot cards are bad and of the devil blah blah blah. I personally thought this way for a long time, most of my life even. Now I would say that’s dust in the wind and very untrue. Tarot cards do have a misleading image due to Hollywood using them in their scary or dark movies. Like most things it is all about intention. Some people don’t like the devil card or the death card in tarot, but that is mainly due to people being uneducated on what the cards really mean. The Devil card often shows a devil and two humans chained to the ground or to him. Though sometimes the imaging can be off putting, you must look deeper into the meaning (after all it is art). The meaning behind the Devil card is not letting the negative things or situations (the Devil) bind you or hold you in that dark place. As for the Death card, you will often see the angel of death, or a Grim Reaper. This simply means that you are going to have a spiritual death and a new awakening. It could also mean that certain situations around you could be coming to an end to make way for the new awakening or new chapter in life.

In tarot, the meanings of the cards are already built in with a story line connected to them. There are cups, swords, wands, and pentacles. The direct symbolism and meanings are all built in though numerology and the imaging of cups, swords, wands, and pentacles. But we will talk about how to read cards in the next blog. Moving on shall we….

Then there are oracle cards. I prefer to use oracle cards only for the simple fact that there isn’t anything “story line” or true meaning of the card. In other words I like them better because I feel you can build/set your own intention for the deck and how you want to use them, and you can read them more intuitively since there is no set outline in the cards’ meaning like there is in tarot. Some oracle cards don’t have any writing on them at all, some have one word or phrases on them, and some have the main meaning of the card and then has the message already written on it.

Most importantly, whether it is tarot or a certain type of oracle card, use whatever type of cards you are drawn to the most.

Next blog will be about how to read cards intuitively. Stay tuned.

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