A Bit About My Card Readings

A Bit About My Card Readings

I have three oracle decks I use in my reading. The first is a chakra oracle deck. I use this deck to tell me what is going on with the individual’s energy field coming from their main energy that I am reading. The second is an energy deck that I use to tell me what situations around them are affecting them and their energy field, and the third is a vibration deck that shows us actions the individual can do to help raise their vibration or just helpful tips to keep them mindful.

I also have an oracle deck called Universal Love that I use for relationships or couples readings, And then of course Tarot (used for anything and everything.)

When I give a reading I do what is called a free reading. This means instead of shuffling the deck and then drawing from the top. I have the client shuffle the cards as many times and any way they would like. Once they do so I take the cards and I shuffle them and allow the cards to fall out of the deck. My intention that I have set with that is that as I shuffle the cards and spirit will allow the right cards to fall out. I love free reads! I tell you what, spirit hasn’t missed a mark since then. But please keep in mind to do whatever makes you more comfortable as you do a reading. If drawing from the top makes more sense to you, then please keep doing that.

As far as a lay out goes, I lay my cards out in a line. So by the end of the reading there will be three horizontal lines, nothing super complicated, however simple and affected. Do not get me wrong, it’s always great to play with it and come up with a lay out that has an intention set behind it. Some people prefer that. I just choose to make it as simple and easy as possible and that is okay.

When I feel the reading has come to a completion, I will kindly let the client know by saying something like “This wraps up your reading.” Then I thank my guides as well as their guides for communicating for the highest good. (It is always important to show gratitude for spirit as well as your client.)

If you are interested in a read please contact me at Opalstruth@gmail.com


Love, Light and Blessings


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