How to Sharpen Your Intuition

How to Sharpen Your Intuition

Sharpening your intuition can be tricky, and if you Google it, you will get many suggestions on how to develop and grow intuitively. I thought I would take some time out to share what I know about this topic and also sharing what I find the most effective for me. Opening up to your gifts can be very overwhelming at first. You have so many questions anywhere from “Am I going crazy?” to “I do not know where that thought came from.” Or even “Am I the only one that saw that!?” I can tell you, you are not going crazy. Some people stay open to their gifts, some close off, and some do not open until later on in life. Regardless of when you open up to your gifts, it’s all in divine timing. It is not to be judged. Never judge your gifts off anyone else’s or look at them and say that guys only 20 and has a good grip on his gifts and here I am in my 40’s just starting. Honestly, who cares? It is what it is, now stop having a pity party and realize it is never too late to keep learning or open up to the gifts at hand.

But how? You will want to learn what your gifts are. Once you do this, you will be able to really focus on them and build from there. Personally, I would say just find out what your primary gift is and then work solely on that one. Through strengthening that gift, you will learn to open up to more gifts as you grow and build confidence. Once you find your primary gift, meditate with it.

For example I am clairaudient, so when I meditate, I connect into spirit and I ask them to do a “sound check”. In doing a sound check, I could start hearing ringing in my ears and the pitch will change. Or I could have thoughts projected into my head of information. Sometimes it will seem as if you are making it up but just know you are not. It is real. Tell the ego to step aside and allow the spirit train to chug on through (toot toot).

If you are clairvoyant go into meditations and ask your angels and guides. Please show me how my clairvoyance will work. And from there you could experience colors showing up, or images of waves coming in and out. You could get signs or symbols of all kinds. Try not to overthink it or second guess it. Simply take the sign and symbol for face value. As we talked about it in a previous blog, you will know the meaning of that sign and symbol based off of what it means to you.

For clairsentient you would ask of your guides and angels something like this. Please show me what anxiety feels like. What does anger feel like? Joy? Oppression? Love? Etc. You will realize that these feeling may feel different when you are connected to spirit or when reading someone else’s energy that what it would if you felt them yourself. Just sit there and play with that. For my mediums you can ask to be shown what a heart attack is, head trauma, car crash, communication blocks and what as your guides show you on your body so when giving someone a reading you will be able to sense how they passed. This can come in handy when it comes to validation to the person you are reading that you truly have their loved one with you right then and there. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: if you do this exercise to call in the love and light, shield with protection, and really ground before starting this exercise as you should before doing any exercise.

The other suggestion that I have would be to be mindful to the energy’s around you. If you are clairsentient, really feel the energy around you. In a room, store, at home, and around people that you come in contact with, does the energy feel heavy? It could feel light and peaceful. Clairvoyants should really pay attention to sight, not only with your third eye, but with your actual eyes that see into this world. You may be surprised to see that you are seeing flashes of light, orbs or imaged in your mind even though your eyes are open. Clairaudients should really listen to your surroundings and for example if you are in a park: birds singing, children laughing, cars honking. Doing these exercises will allow you to really listen to the voice inside coming from spirit giving you information.

Light and Light,


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